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Suffolk County New York

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See the light. Get a FREE estimate.

Upgrade your life with secure wiring around your home.

Live life by the speed of light

During the next storm, will you be sitting in the dark? You don't have to. Steve Arkinson Electric is a licensed professional electrician who can help you prepare your home for all life events.


You'll be able to weather it all, when you let us wire your home for computer, audio-visual use and CATV. We can also install a generator, outlets, and switches for safe lighting during power interruptions.

Call Steve Arkinson Electric today at 631-793-2900 to complete the electrical upgrades you need for your home.

Make sure you upgrade your electric panel or complete your home renovation with sound electrical wiring. We can install the electric wiring for your home improvements:

  • Finished basement

  • New kitchen and bathroom

  • Additions

  • Yard lights

  • Swimming pool

Besides, we also diagnose and rectify problems such as lights out and tripped circuits. We are also experienced in locating underground faults, without digging up your property.

Can your old electrical system handle your new addition?

  • Whole house

  • Computer wiring

  • Audio-visual

  • Generators